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28 December 2009 @ 12:01 pm
~via lj app~  

Hello there, I'm just testing out the LiveJournal app on the iPod touch I got for Christmas. :D It is excellent.
Speaking of Christmas, it was a pretty swell one in terms of the gifts I received. But not anything else about it. Hurr.
My mother got me a nice little t.v. for my room, so now I can watch my Rammstein DVDs and Swan Lake VHS whenever I want. It's so ace. (speaking of Swan Lake, I'm listening to it right now since I also received $100 worth of iTunes gift cards from family :D) I simply adore all of the music composed for that ballet. It's so emotive !!! Also relating to music-  with some gift cards I received for the holiday I bought the deluxe version of Monster! and Warheit Oder Pflicht !!! Haha I am so excited to get this.
Hmm what else is there to say? Well a day or two ago I had a dream with the boy I fancy in it, he is featured in my previous entry, in the video playing guitar and singing. Yesss. But then my dream ended with me having to give my third quarter presentation the next day and I was totally unprepared. That sucked. :0

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